Heading into my 20th year in the interactive world, I now consider myself a white wizard of production, an expert cat herder, a versatile shapeshifter and a master pixel wrangler. My toolbox includes my grandfather's well kept Adobe suite, a shiny set of Figma and Sketch tools, a used but well maintained set of coding languages and a mixed box of directional tools spanning project management jigs, mentoring stones and strategic chisels. 
I've directed creative teams in upwards of a dozen players specializing in performance marketing, brand development, video and sound direction, UI/UX design, interactive storytelling and at many times all of the above. My varied past has given me the ability to work well in any situation while relying on a strong design education from VCU. 
My greatest asset is my sense of humor and light-hearted approach to working in often stressful environments. I believe a thorough process that allows clients to check in early and often throughout projects helps avoid frustration at the 11th hour on both sides of the table. Communication is our best tool and ensuring that the client's needs are met and translated to the team correctly always makes for a smoother process.
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